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Théâtre de l’Unité

/ Audincourt – France

Théâtre de l’Unité

We are a group of theater born in 1968. We are a company of territory. We work in an industrial zone, around the big factory Peugeot. It mean than we don’t play for a theatrical public.  We have organized an event during 2 years for people over 80 years old.  We give lessons of theater to non professional actors, we make them playing in the town when it is possible. We like to work with people with a whole equality.

L’Unité is among the first groups that have promoted in France a kind of “participatory” theater (a latest creation “Le Parlement” reproduces the democratic mechanism in the street by involving the public) and has been able to create an international network of “theatrical brigades” groups of theatre professionals and ordinary people who go down the street presenting “theatrical interventions” with a purpose of social claim.

For 30 years we have been working in the street in contact with the most disparate people and we like to work with people with a whole equality.

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