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Theaterlabor Bielefeld

/ Bielefeld – Germany

Theaterlabor Bielefeld - Mauerspringer Project

Theaterlabor Bielefeld is an independent ensemble theatre with its own venue in Bielefeld, which for over 30 years has been shaping various expressive potentials into an intensive, dynamic and direct own theatrical language as well as developing and carrying out festivals and international cooperation projects.

It stands for expressive, cross-border, experimental theatre. Theaterlabor Bielefeld always looks for interesting partners for every production. We work across genres. Visual artists create sets and objects, musicians compose stage music and are present at the performances live. For every play, every event, Theaterlabor Bielefeld develops its own theme-related aesthetics.
Since its founding, dramatists, directors and dramaturges of Theaterlabor have been working on experiencing and exploring the forms of contemporary theatre in its manifold possibilities and presenting them to the public in new and surprising ways. There is a very intensive exchange between all persons involved in a production. Each piece is created in a common process – collective work is one of our goals.

Each season reflects the diversity of the theatre’s activities – in-house productions, regional and international theatre work, theatre education and community work, festivals. The repertoire includes new productions and readmissions. As in previous years, the  ensemble is once again working in other European countries. In the summer, Theaterlabor offers cultural activities in the region under the title “Stadtflucht”, a project that develops cultural events with different participants involved. Regarding theatre  with children and adolescents, Theaterlabor works on multicultural projects under the title “Zwischenräume”. The team organizes a festival each autumn.

Mauerspringer project

/ The street theatre performance by Theaterlabor Bielefeld

Moving on

Welcome to the flood of images of the 20th century.

Projections of movements – revolutionary movements, autonomy movements, peace movements … forgotten revolutions?
Images become movements, become real people who gather.
They demand something – but what? We do not know anymore. Or do we?
What demands would we make?
And what revolutions are moving us these days?

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