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Hortzmuga Teatroa – Mauerspringer Project2019-06-04T09:23:58+00:00

Hortzmuga Teatroa

/ Bilbao – Spain

Hortzmuga Teatroa

Hortzmuga Teatroa has worked in the streets of Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain and Europe for almost 30 years. The content of Hortzmuga’s performances are always social, that is to say, citizens’ reality are the main topic to be developed on stage (in the streets), that is why our shows give the audiences a main role in the performances. Hortzmuga Teatroa is always searching for an active participation of audiences and, also, shaking their minds.

Apart from Hortzmuga’s own productions which are socially engaged, they have been developping street theatre projects for different private and public institutions who have trusted us so as to create projects related to Human Rights and Social Development, such as Department of Equality of the city of Bilbao.

Since Hortzmuga Teatroa understands arts and culture as tools for social transformation, our main aim of this project will be enhancing social awareness and sharing the promotion of critical thinking among European citizens. The company will offer tools for European citizens so that their own reality (stressing current refugees’ situation) will shown and discussed in the streets through street arts.

To sum up, streets will become not only a place for entertainment but also a place where to meet, discuss, vindicate and promote awareness. That is to say, a place to jump walls and to use for the development of society.

MAX Award 2009, as best theatrical author of Euskera; Umore Azoka Award 2014 for the artistic path; Umore Azoka award as best show in 2004.

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