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Mauerspringer – Wall Jumpers Project

Overcoming “walls” through art

Street Theater will be the tool to create a creative and social space for cultural openness and exchange, to break down social and cultural barriers.
6 Street Theater companies from 5 European countries: Compagnie du Hasard and Théâtre de l’Unité (France), Hortzmuga Teatroa (Spain), Theaterlabor (Germany), DAH Teatar (Serbia) and Teatro Due Mondi (Italy) will promote dialogue through creative and artistic experience, electing the street as a place for discussion, meeting and artistic expression. Streets become the place where theater intersects with other artistic languages such as photography and video. Our creative players will operate across Europe to reach new audiences.
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Freedom of expression, openness towards diversity, tolerance, social inclusion and solidarity, social reflection, development of a democratic and multicultural conscience, peaceful civil coexistence.

App Wall Jumpers Quiz

Play to win a trip!

How much do you know about Europe?
Download for FREE the ‘Wall Jumpers Quiz’, gives the right answer to 10 questions & take part in the prize-draw which is free of charge.
The prize is a trip to and stay of three days in Faenza in Italy in the first half of September 2019 in order to take part in the big European Street Theatre Festival.
Italian players may win a trip and stay as a prize for three days and nights in Bielefeld in Germany at the end of August 2019 in order to take part in the Festival organised by the Theaterlabor Bielefeld.


Festivals’ Calendar

The programme will include 3 Theater festivals in Spain (Bilbao – July 2019), France (Feings -July 2019) and Germany (Bielefeld – August 2019); 1 European Street Theater Festival in Italy (Faenza – September 2019), 7 participatory theater workshops (for actors, non-actors, refugees and migrants), 6 “participated” street performances, 1 itinerant workshop on street photography by the renowned photographer Jean Pierre Estournet to a group of young apprentices. An International Conference (February 2020) on street theatre and social issues will be a bridge to the future of the project.


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